Google is Very Smart and faster to give any result. He is using Rank brain & Keywords Ranking algorithm, which is a machine learning Artificial intelligence algorithm. Which help of this algorithm google sort the search result. This algorithm helps Google to understand and process the search queries in a better way and provide good users experience. In this time many algorithms appear behind the search like panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon, Mobile and more.

If you what to start a new business and want to get more traffic then you need to know about the SEO “Search Engine Optimization”. This technical help to boost your result and sales, what is SEO service? How to start SEO? and what is a Step-by-Step Guide to SEO? there are many Question run in your mind, but don’t worry We’ll solve your all doubts.

What is SEO Search Engine Optimization?

SEO refers to Search Engine optimization. Where you can optimize your website according to the Google update and algorithm. The SEO technical is must for your Business, with the help of SEO you will get the high traffic, good Sale and user engagements.

Now today, we’re learning the Important and easy things, that will help to start your Company site SEO. Follow the below Points and Start your website SEO Step by Step with Expert guidance.

Good SEO work only gets better over time. It only searches engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.” – Jill Whalen.

How to Start SEO?

You need to follow the beginner’s guideline, Before Start SEO. That is most important for your Site.

  • Crawl accessibility: Make the site easy crawlable so Search engines can read your site easily
  • Keyword optimized: Optimized the keywords first to attract search engines.
  • Create a user friendly and live weight website, which give Great user experience and boost Site speed and load time.
  • Content is a King so Optimized the Content & use plagiarism free content.
  • Title, Meta Tags, Description, Schema and interlink Optimized.

Follow the below steps to start website SEO

Keywords Optimization: Keywords optimization is a first and very important part of SEO. Because your Search engine ranking depends on it. Now you’ve to learn how to show our content in search results, first determine, which strategic keywords to target in your website and how these keywords satisfy both user and search engines. The power of keywords understanding is better for your targeting market. Before Start, the keywords research first go throughout your Compititer keywords and content type.

Login on Google Adwords. This is a Google Online Tool which helps to find out the keywords traffics and volume. First, you create google Adwords account then click on Keywords planner option. and then search your target keywords. This tool suggests you many keywords which have high volume and low first, your target medial volume keywords.which have a long tail. For Example.

“Digital marketing Company” This is a high Volum Keywords so this takes time to get a rank.

“Digital Marketing Company in India” This is long-tail keywords, Which is Cover high volume keywords and middle volume Keywords and this keyword gets a good rank in less time.

Content Creating and Optimization: Content is a king because google and any other Search Engine Love to natural & good Content Which fills the user requires and query. So behalf of your keywords creates a good and Plagrigam free. Check Our Content Services for your business.

Creating quality content is more helpful for your website search ranking. Search engines and visitors both love it. they will share in on social media Site and other Community Group.

H1 tag header tag: What is the H1 Tag? and Is H1 tag really necessary? there are many questions moving around your mind. First of all H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 this all a 6 tag, which is important to our Site SEO. Each page can have some important point and line which are call heading or title. So the H1 tag usually used as a title of the page. and heading is visible on top of the page. the formate of the H1 tag is:

So, This is formate of H1 tags and similar for H2, H3, H4, H5 & H6.

Meta title and description: Title tag is a way to tell search engines about the Page. It should be 70 characters. In this Title tag using only specific keywords of page and business name.

Meta Description: Meta Description is similar to title, It gives info to Search Engines more insight about your page, the limit of the title is 160 characters. meta keywords can help in keywords ranking.

Internal links: internal link to your page. it will help search engines to know more about your page website other page or services.

This all Technics is part of SEO, This is called On-page Seo techniques, which help to optimized your website page according to the Google algorithm and guideline.after this process your need to submit your site page to indexing in google. And sitemap.xml is the best way to index your site in google search engine database.

Firstly you need to add your page in Sitemap.xml file with priority. And this file upload in your Cpanel or hosting server. After uploading you need to submit in google webmaster tool. If you don’t know about how to submit sitemap.xml in google webmaster and how to create an account on google webmaster then please read our next post on “ Google webmaster guide for beginner”.

This information helps you in understand the SEO Search Engine Optimization concepts and tell about how to start SEO for your business. Thank you for reading have a bit of good luck!


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