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Creating A Wikipedia Page: How to Making a Wikipedia Main Page?

Wikipedia is an open-source or online resource website that has millions of pages and information. Wiki page article can be edited by multiple users. Wikipedia is an online platform where you can share knowledge and work together. Lots of Company create their company page and share the important and useful detail about the company.

Creating a Wikipedia page is an effective way to share and distribute useful information. It can be improved by the multiple users by user refer and other category templates.

How making a Wikipedia page?

Follow the below step to create interesting Wikipedia pages, provide by the expert.

Choose Your Area:Your organization or company already has the technology and specific field, that you want to create a wiki page. There are both options-free and paid article services. Wiki system allows you to create your own company or person Wikipedia page, while others provide the wiki templates.

Provide Citations:First, you need to create an account with a unique identification and then log in. Then create an organically and Grammarly content for your article page. Now submit your article with right citation. Citations give your article reliability and allow the user to trust you. So citation is a very important part for any Wikipedia article you must follow to making a Wikipedia page.

Submit the Page for Review:When you finished your page with all citation and references, then this is a final part for creating interesting Wikipedia pages. This is the last step. Submit the wiki page for review. It will be analyzed by Wikipedia bots and Wikipedia considers it a credible source. Then it will be published and send to Wikipedia main page. Congratulation, now your Wikipedia page has been published.

What type of content can go on Wikipedia?

Wikipedia has a lot of rules that govern what type of content appears on the site. There is some Wikipedia guideline for article certain that everyone needs to follow them. The topic should be notable and genuine covered with good references sources. The wiki page is not a business listing or personal page. Do not use content from the promotional proposal or don't use from personal or other website content.

If you making a Wikipedia page with limited knowledge's and low weightage content without any reference agents Wikipedia slandered or guideline, then you should be aware other editors delete your article.

Now before adding a Wikipedia page, you must be known about wiki guideline and a brief description of a subject. Use always high weightage references URL like news site, journalist or book publishing references. Further, try to company past because Wikipedia algorithm finds it and block your email id for permanent.